Fabric Structures for Livestock

Protect your dairy, beef, sheep or hog investment with an engineered quality fabric covered barn.

With our clear span designs you have infinite options for the space available under your fabric covered facility. No more building columns to work around and a naturally lit environment to work in by day.

Worry Free Designs

Let NLFS demonstrate to you why an engineered fabric covered building is not only an option but the option that offers the superior quality your operation deserves while meeting your project budget.

Dairy and Beef

NLFS can accommodate small to large farms or ranches requiring livestock covers for dairy or beef cattle. These fabric structures are clear span designs and easily customized to accommodate pens, loose-housing, feeding stalls, and many more applications.

Hogs, Sheep and Goats

Fabric structures offer an inviting and enclosed environment that protects from wind, snow and rain. Natural light penetrates the fabric cover and the improved ventilation can reduce moisture and bacteria, offering a healthy, cleaner and dryer environment.

Exotic Animals

Fabric buildings stay cooler in summer and warmer in winter, lowering your energy costs and offering a healthy, nourishing environment for your animals.

Advantages Compared to a Common Hoop Barn or Quonset Hut

  • Hot Dip Galvanized Steel – All welded components receive a hot dip galvanized finish. This ensures high quality corrosion protection
  • Go GREEN – Fabric designs allow natural light through the roof and side walls reducing the needs for skylights or artificial lighting during daylight hours
  • Improved Air Circulation – NLFS fabric shelters improves air circulation and shade compared to the heat build up from metal pole barns and quonset huts
  • Engineered – DP series (40’-100’) engineered to meet all load requirements including wind, snow and unbalanced snow load

Livestock Buildings by NLFabric.com

Livestock Buildings by NLFabric.com

Livestock Buidlings by NLFabric.com


NLFS is committed to assisting you with all design considerations for any type of livestock application. Check out this articles in our news section to get started!