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Dealer testimonial from Greystone

Greystone Construction Company is a Design/Build, General Contractor from Shakopee, Minnesota, and has been in business for 27 years. We have been a pre-engineered metal building dealer since Greystone was founded in 1987.

Greystone began selling tensioned membrane fabric structures (fabric buildings) in the year 2000. We were admittedly hesitant at first. We had built a reputation for quality. Would our current clients view this as substandard construction? Would our efforts to sell fabric buildings diminish our ability to sell pre-engineered metal buildings by spreading our resources too thin?

Since the year 2000, Greystone has sold over 1,000 fabric buildings. What we have found is that adding the fabric building line did not detract from our pre-engineered building sales. In fact our pre-engineered building sales have increased by over 100 percent since taking on the fabric building product. Metal Construction News has ranked Greystone 23rd and 39th in the nation in terms of pre-engineered buildings sold in 2012 and 2013. Some advantages of selling both products are:

  1. Our marketing reach expanded
  2. Easy to cross-train our sales & business development staff
  3. Easy to cross-train our erection crews

Having the fabric building line did not detract from our reputation for quality. We believe that our reputation is stronger than ever. Greystone became a Natural Light Fabric Structure (NLFS) dealer four years ago. We did so because we have confidence that we can rely on NLFS’s engineering, quality, delivery and competitive pricing.

It was not a coincidence that Greystone’s annual revenue has increased 105% in the four years we have been an NLFS dealer. Natural Light Fabric Structures are another tool in our toolbox when it comes to meeting our clients’ project needs.

Gordie Schmitz, Vice President of Operations
Greystone Construction Company | Shakopee, Minnesota