Frequently Asked Questions


How long does the fabric last?

Typically, the cover of a Natural Light Fabric Structure will last 20-23 years. Natural Light Fabric Structures uses 12.5 oz., 23 mil fabric that is mainly composed of polyethylene.  The fabric is produced using a special weaving pattern to enhance thickness, flatness, abrasion resistance, and tear properties. Natural Light Fabric Structures is so confident in our fabric that we offer an industry leading 20 year pro-rated warranty on our Non-Fire Retardant Fabric. We also offer a 10 year pro-rated warranty on our fire retardant fabric.


Why does the fabric wear down?

As do all other roofing systems, the fabric roofing system gets wore down overtime by weather and ultra violet radiation. Other factors that may lead to premature degradation include not tensioning the fabric tight enough, or leaving the fabric too loose. Natural Light Fabric Structures offers a free 1 year maintenance agreement, and we will show you how to properly maintain your building so you can get the maximum lifespan out of the fabric. 


Who is Natural Light Fabric Structures, and where are you located?

Natural Light Fabric Structures is a fabric building manufacturer based in Jordan, MN. All steel components of Natural Light Fabric Structures are manufactured at our facility in Jordan, MN. Natural Light Fabric Structures was founded on the principles of quality and craftsmanship. Our building crews are experienced professionals with a high attention for detail. Natural Light Fabric Structures are engineer approved, so we only use the strongest, and most well-protected building components in the industry.


What happens if I put a hole in the fabric?

An advantage of Natural Light Fabric Structures’ cover material is that if it is punctured, the material will not tear like a seam. Our cover material is weaved together using multiple pieces of fabric, and it is designed to prevent continuous tears. A smaller hole in the fabric (1’x1’) can be repaired by heat welding a patch over the tear. A larger puncture may require one of our service crews to look at it. Our larger buildings are designed with a keder cover system, so that if there is a large tear, you will not have to replace then entire cover. The fabric cover is the most economical component of the building. On average, the price of the cover is 10-15% of the building price.


How is Natural Light Fabric Structures different than any other fabric building provider?

  • Quality of Materials: Compare our steel and our fabric with any other fabric building, and you will quickly realize that Natural Light Fabric Structures only uses the best building materials. At any width of building, compare our steel’s thickness to the thickness of any other brand of fabric building, and we guarantee it will be the same or thicker in diameter. Natural Light Fabric Structures also goes above and beyond the majority of the industry in protecting its’ trusses by hot-dip galvanizing them in a zinc coating. This coating protects your trusses from corrosion on the both the inside and the outside. The 12.5 oz fabric is also above the industry standard 12 oz. fabric.
  • Engineering: All of our engineered buildings follow International Building Codes for wind loads, snow loads, and seismic loads. Therefore, each building is designed differently to match your local building codes. From the foundation up to the trusses, you can rest safely knowing your building can handle the elements.
  • Better Service: Natural Light Fabric Structures takes customer service seriously. Send us an inquiry or give us a call, and we will return back to you within one business day. We provide timely building deliveries, and we get the job done quickly and efficiently. We also realize that your building is a long-term investment, so we will provide continued service as needed after the building is installed.


Why should I put up a Natural Light Fabric Structure, and not a metal or wood building?

There are several advantages to going with a fabric building:

  • Natural Light: Even on the cloudiest days, your building will stay bright, reducing costs associated with lighting and energy costs
  • Clear Span: Natural Light Fabric structures are designed without I beams and interior columns to maximize useable space
  • Ventilation: The high roofs and open interior space increase air circulation. The fabric also stays cooler in the summertime than a metal or wood building
  • Ease of Installation: Natural Light Fabric Structures are designed with less hardware and less components than metal buildings.
  • Engineered: Unlike most pole buildings, Natural Light Fabric Structures’ DP Series, GP Series, and Hybrid Series are engineered to meet your local wind, snow, and seismic loads.
  • Quiet Roof System: Planning on using your building for a shop or for livestock housing? The fabric roof will minimize startling noise caused by rain, hail, and wind.
  • Low Maintenance: Due to galvanized finish and durable high density polyethylene fabric. Keeping your building maintained takes less than an hour each year.


I have an old fabric structure, and I need a replacement cover. Do you provide new covers?

Yes, Natural Light Fabric Structures customizes each fabric cover, so we can match the same size as your old cover, even if it’s not a Natural Light Fabric Structure!


Who builds the buildings, and can I build one myself?

Natural Light Fabric Structures has a dealer network that has extensive experience with fabric building construction. Call us today and we will get you connected with a dealer near to you.

Yes, it is common for customers to order a building and build it their self. With each building, we provide a customized manual to walk you through the installation process. If you have questions along the way, give us a call and our design team will be happy to help you. *We recommend talking with a Natural Light Fabric Structures representative before deciding to build on your own.


Does my building need to be engineered, and will I need to get a building permit?

If your building is within city limits, chances are you will need a building permit and engineer stamped building plans. However, this is not always the case! Depending on the human occupancy of the building, and what you will be using the building for, you may not need a permit. It’s important to share with us these details, so we can design the building accordingly.


How long does it take to build a Natural Light Fabric Structure?

The erection time on our building varies depending on the size of the building and what kind of foundation it is installed on. Here are some approximations:

  • SP Series and SPE Series (18’-32’): Less than one week if less than 100’ long. 1-2 weeks if greater than 100’ long.
  • DP Series and GP Series: 1-2 weeks if less than 100’ long. 2-4 weeks if greater than 100’ long.


What kind of foundation will my building need?

Natural Light Fabric Structures are versatile and have a wide range of options for building foundations: concrete piers, concrete blocks, precast concrete panels, wood posts, pad and piers, poured concrete walls, portable shipping containers, etc. With that being said, there are certain foundations that work better for certain applications. Our service team is here to help you find the most economical and most practical foundation for your building needs.


How often do I have to maintain my building?

We recommend that you maintain your building twice a year, before and after winter. If you keep up with the bi-annual maintenance, it shouldn’t take you more than a half hour each time to do it. Natural Light Fabric Structures provides a free maintenance agreement after the first year, and we will show you how to properly maintain your building. Yearly maintenance agreements are also available after the second year if you feel more comfortable having us do it for you.


Is there more than one kind of fabric color, and does it cost more?

Our fabric can ordered in the following colors: white, beige, grey, blue, red, and green. The cost is the same for all of the colors.


Can I put doors and vents in my buildings?

Natural Light Fabric Structures are just like a metal building when it comes to framed openings and ventilation systems. In one of the more recent machinery storage building we built, we installed a 50’x18’ bi-fold door in one of the end walls! Check out our list of accessories for more information.