Hoop Barns for Flat Grain and Dry Fertilizer Storage

Our fabric buildings are excellent solutions for agricultural applications

We manufacture engineered trusses, designed for the local wind, snow and unbalanced snow load requirements. Fabric buildings cover all your agricultural needs from grain and fertilizer to equipment storage. Our buildings are designed to be flexible to meet your design requirements with clear span solutions. Never work around building columns again. NLFS will maximize your space with our clear span fabric covered designs.

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32' x 54' fabric building on blocks can be used for hay, equipment or commodity storage

Fabric buildings allow natural light while providing considerable protection against UV rays. This is a proven benefit for all livestock and will save on lighting requirements during daylight hours.

DP Series fabric buildings and Hybrid Series are engineered to meet all wind, snow and unbalanced snow loads. We make the safety of your agricultural investments a priority.

Competitive pricing utilizing quality material and unsurpassed delivery and installation services are covered by Natural Light Fabric Structures and your local dealer.

Call 1-888-708-3272 to speak to a fabric building expert, request a quote, and purchase. Or submit an online inquiry at www.nlfabric.com/contact.