Even when properly maintained, your fabric structure may require assistance to sustain its useful life. Natural Light Fabric Structures has crews available to help you with any of your maintenance or service needs such as:

  • Loose end flaps
  • General tensioning of the structure
  • Rips and tears in your fabric cover
  • Storm or vehicle damage
  • Damage to doors and openings

Natural Light's experienced team will visit your site if possible, analyze the issues, and issue you a comprehensive quote to repair your building.


Regardless of the type or brand of building you have, Natural Light can replace the cover for you. Covers can wear out over time or become damaged beyond repair. It’s a simple process take your building measurements, order a new cover and install it as soon as it arrives.

Annual Maintenance Agreement

NLFS offers an annual full service maintenance agreement that covers the following:

  • Checking the tension and adjusting ratchets as needed to tighten the cover to the manufacturer’s recommended specification.
  • Inspecting and tightening building frame bolts and cables according to manufacturer’s original specification.
  • Minor repairs to damaged building parts.
  • Upon visual inspection, if a man lift is required for further inspection and/or there are any additional costs of repair not stated in this proposal, a quotation will be generated by Greystone Construction for approval prior to any additional work being started.

Give us a call today for a free quote for any of your repair needs!

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Install Crews Needed!

We are looking for fabric structure installation crews located in the U.S. Please send your name, contact information and a brief description of your company to and we will get in touch with you.