Hybrid Series Fabric Buildings

The strength of welded-plate frames with advantages of Natural Light fabric

When you decide to build, consider getting the best of both worlds. Hybrid Buildings offer the strength of welded-plate rigid frames, are engineered to meet your necessary loads, and are custom designed to meet your needs. Hybrid Buildings also offer the lighting and ventilation benefits of a Natural Light polyethylene fabric roof. The result is a stronger, brighter and more cost-effective solution.

Hybrid building advantages

A Hybrid Building can be configured into numerous combinations of widths, lengths and heights. Your building is an important investment and we can provide the exact structure to fit your operation.

  • Engineered to meet all required loads, including unbalanced snow loads
  • Engineered to carry conveyor loads
  • Engineered to carry monitoring devices
  • Engineered to carry 20-foot containment at side walls
  • Frames have industrial-grade, aesthetically pleasing gray primer in accordance with SSPC specifications (not traditional dark red primer as our competitors)
  • Flexibility in design allows for customized structural features such as large door openings
  • Optional liner panel provides a clean, finished look
  • Modular frames allow wider building options
  • Can be easily designed for future expansions to your building
  • Standard or reverse tapered frames available
  • Clear spans are available and allow greatest flexibility

Polyethylene fabric roof

  • Allows nature’s natural light through reducing lighting costs and creating a safer working environment
  • Durable high density polyethylene fabric is tear-resistant and able to withstand the harshest climates and weather conditions
  • Improved air circulation
  • UV resistant fabric with a 15 year pro-rated warranty
  • Competitive building cost providing an advantageous return on your investment
  • Improved cross-ventilation
  • No exposed fasteners on roofing system improves weather-tightness
  • Less maintenance required

Reversed tapered frames

  • Smooth, unobstructed interior containment walls for easy grain removal and cleaning
  • Require less maintenance Eave extension protects aeration fans mounted on building from snow and ice damage
  • Provides natural ventilation of space

Louvers at fabric termination point

  • Provides better cross-ventilation
  • Warning of overfill

Hybrid Frame Drawing by Natural Light Fabric Structures